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Double Encore E.P.

Up till now, the Double Encore E.P. was just a bonus we stuck in the envelopes of supporters who were particularly generous during the pre-order campaign. But starting today we’re letting it stand on its own — you can hear the whole thing for free in its entirety right here, or on the Music page, […]

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Updated Press Page

The Press page has been updated with links to the last several weeks’ worth of features, interviews and Topless at the Arco Arena reviews (wheteher good or bad). Also, a site called Coverville has a podcast featuring twelve different Clash covers. The first eleven are all songs from London Calling (by acts ranging from Social […]

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More Press

We’ll get all these arranged nicely in the Press section eventually, but here are two more Topless-related features from the interweb. The first is an interview with an Iowa paper, written by my friend Kembrew McLeod. Kembrew’s a prankster as well a respected academic, so you can understand why we get along. We did the […]

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Release Week

Today’s the street date for Topless at the Arco Arena. If you pre-ordered it through us, your package should have arrived by now (shoot admin@wonderlick.com a note if you haven’t received it). The band will be doing another Wine Time with Wonderlick webcast this Saturday night, 7/11,  at 6pm PST. Tune in, and bring your […]

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A Couple Topless Reviews

Album comes out on Tuesday, so reviews are trickling in. Here are two — one from Chicagoist, and one from Skopemag. The former likes it, the second decidedly does not, though the writer seems to be reviewing our lives rather than our album. Sigh. I have a friend who called me a Yuppie Punk once. […]

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Another Interview

An interview I did with a site that analyzes the creative process called Pen’s Eye View just went live. It’s on their home page now, but here’s the permanent link: http://www.penseyeview.com/content/wonderlick. We’ll get it up on the Press page later today. Looks like I’m already repeating lines between interviews — a bad habit I try […]

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Topless at the Arco Arena: Here It Is

Here’s the album, in its entirety. We’re offering a free MP3 of “This Song is a Commercial,” as well. By all means, hit the word “share” and send it to friends…

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When She Took Off Her Shirt

Over the next week or so we’ll be tricking out the Music and Buy Things pages with a bunch of widgets from our buddies at Topspin, so as a combination test/preview, we figured we’d get things started with a sneak peek at the lead track from Topless at the Arco Arena. Take a listen: Lots […]

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More Topless Art

Here’s the label for the Topless CD. As you can see, we love it so much we incorporated it into the banner for this website. It will probably become a T-Shirt, as well. It’s based on a poster I saw a few years ago in an exhibit of WPA art. In that one, the shadow […]

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Video Shoot

I like watching music videos, but I hate being in them. Miming is evil. Jay’s a little more of a ham than I am, but neither of us feel compelled to spend an inordinate amount of time in our own video. So a bunch of gracious volunteers will be sitting on this couch today, making […]

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