Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Updated Press Page

The Press page has been updated with links to the last several weeks’ worth of features, interviews and Topless at the Arco Arena reviews (wheteher good or bad). Also, a site called Coverville has a podcast featuring twelve different Clash covers. The first eleven are all songs from London Calling (by acts ranging from Social […]

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Wonderlick on KUSF 8/2

That session/interview Wonderlick recorded a couple weeks ago will be broadcast on KUSF this coming Sunday, 8/2, at 4pm PST. You can listen live here hear the archived show here.

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Fans Dance

Figured folks might like to see some of the videos we’ve gotten of people dancing to “This Song is a Commercial.” Here’s Monica, with a self-described “interpretative dance entry”: These kids were a little too young to enter the contest officially, but their dad still wanted to share. There’s some pretty cool stunt photography 50 […]

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Different Fur Session

So yesterday marked the semi-debut of Wonderlick as a live five-piece. I say semi, because we recorded a radio session yesterday, but it won’t be broadcast for a couple weeks. Once it is, we should be able to get all the tracks live on this site in a sharable player. Many thanks to Dennis “The […]

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More Press

We’ll get all these arranged nicely in the Press section eventually, but here are two more Topless-related features from the interweb. The first is an interview with an Iowa paper, written by my friend Kembrew McLeod. Kembrew’s a prankster as well a respected academic, so you can understand why we get along. We did the […]

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Indie Paws Review

Indie Paws has published my favorite review of the album so far — not because it’s positive, but because the writer doesn’t just assume the album’s supposed to be funny since it’s by some guys who used to be in Too Much Joy. I mean, Topless is a 16-song concept album that comes complete with […]

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Release Week

Today’s the street date for Topless at the Arco Arena. If you pre-ordered it through us, your package should have arrived by now (shoot a note if you haven’t received it). The band will be doing another Wine Time with Wonderlick webcast this Saturday night, 7/11,  at 6pm PST. Tune in, and bring your […]

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A Couple Topless Reviews

Album comes out on Tuesday, so reviews are trickling in. Here are two — one from Chicagoist, and one from Skopemag. The former likes it, the second decidedly does not, though the writer seems to be reviewing our lives rather than our album. Sigh. I have a friend who called me a Yuppie Punk once. […]

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