More Press

We’ll get all these arranged nicely in the Press section eventually, but here are two more Topless-related features from the interweb.

The first is an interview with an Iowa paper, written by my friend Kembrew McLeod. Kembrew’s a prankster as well a respected academic, so you can understand why we get along. We did the interview over email, and the actual transcript exceeded his word count, so maybe I’ll post the unedited version at some point.

The second is actually four separate entries at a pretty cool new site called They asked us for the details behind four tracks from the new album, and we happily obliged.

Tomorrow we head to Different Fur studios in SF to record a few songs for broadcast on KUSF on Sunday. Feels good to play live with real live human beings. I’ll try to remember my camera and post some pix from the studio tomorrow.

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