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We recorded a cover of Jonathan Richman’s “Vincent Van Gogh” last year, for a tribute LP that was supposed to come out last Record Store Day. Then the LP got postponed to November’s Black Friday version of RSD. And then we just learned today it’s been delayed yet again, till next April.

But we’re impatient, so we’re just putting it out now, along with a companion track we wrote and recorded the same day, about Tim’s favorite painter in the universe, Edvard Munch, and his greatest work, “Madonna.”

You can hear them for free below, or buy one or both on Bandcamp.

Well, the app was fun while it lasted, but the company that released it got acquired by someone else, so now you have to content yourself with run-of-the-mill digital downloads (or you can stream it on your favorite on demand music service).

If you would like to possess the actual audio files yourself, a thing that some people including at least one member of Wonderlick still do, you can click the button below.

Get it Now



There are a couple of notable things about Wonderlick’s upcoming third LP, Super.

Notable thing #1: the band have turned themselves into action figures.

Notable thing #2: the band will be giving the album away for free, via the Super app. Because a concept album about superheroes deserves more than just some mp3s and a tiny jpeg.

The app is pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves: it comes with lyrics and liner notes and lots more photos of the action figures being heroic and will eventually include videos and other nifty things. We’re starting out with a teaser EP featuring five songs from the full album. Folks who install the app will have first access to the rest of the album when it comes out.

You can get the app free today from iTunes or Google Play, and it’ll let you hear the songs once per day. If you want to unlock unlimited streaming (and get mp3s of all the songs, to boot), you will have multiple options, many of which are also free, such as signing up for a free trial of Rhapsody.

Whatever option you choose, the band gets paid, even when you pay nothing.

Which is kind of super.


  Get it on Google Play

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Another Super Song

super nails

It’s been too long since we’ve posted anything new. Sorry about that. Hopefully this new song was worth the wait.

It’s called “Sixteenyearoldgirl,” and is about said character’s superpowers, which include cutting comments and disdainful eyerolls.

We think we’re done recording the album. There are 14 more where this one came from.


Download “Sixteenyearoldgirl” For Free

New Song (& T-Shirt Sale)

dragon coasterdragon2

To celebrate the holidays, Wonderlick has a new song for you, plus some bargain prices on all our T-Shirts.

The song is called “Super Friends,” and is a true-ish story about a holiday that only comes once in your life: the last day of high-school. It takes place, as Tim and Jay’s last day of high-school did, at Rye Playland, where our heroes eat some mushrooms, ride the Dragon Coaster, and discover they have super powers. This all really happened, though not necessarily on the same day, and we’ve inserted Wonderlick fan Alex Poehlman into the scene since he won the contest where we promised just that earlier this year.

The song features the Bonerama horns, as arranged by mighty Mark Mullins, and some guest vocals by Gretchen Giselle. Matt Lucich is playing drums and Jonathan Zuniga’s on bass.

And, like any respectable merchant, we are  encouraging holiday shoppers to buy things they didn’t know they wanted by dropping the price for all our T-Shirts to just $5.00 through Christmas. You can get your bargain duds here.

Download “Super Friends” For Free

Rare Live Lick Appearance

dc showWonderlick will be playing a couple songs as part of a Dear New Orleans benefit concert in Washington, DC on Monday, October 4th. Tim and Jay will be backed by Bonerama, the NOLA R&B band that laid down the trombone part on “The American Way.” So, it’s a safe bet they’ll be doing that one, along with some other surprises.

More details about the show, including special VIP ticket packages, right here.

Hear Dear New Orleans

I had a blast helping pull this benefit compilation together.

It’s a bit of an epic, but well worth listening to all the way through. To make that easy, you can play the whole damn thing for free, right here.

While every track has something to offer, I direct your particular attention to the live tunes with Bonerama. They back the various musicians at every one of the artist activism retreats that inspired this album, writing genius horn arrangements for those artists’ songs, and the shows are always mind-blowing.

You can get a sense of just how much fun the musicians have as you listen to Mike Mills screaming his way through “Ohio,” or Wayne Kramer encouraging all the motherfuckers to kick out the jams.

When you’re done listening, click that “Learn More” button and go buy the damn thing, so you can repeat the experience endlessly.

Oh, and if you just want to hear/share that Wonderlick tune and bask in the glory of trombones, here it is by its lonesome:

Dear NOLA, Dirt Cheap

coverDear New Orleans doesn’t come out officially until tomorrow, but the folks at Amazon we’re so excited by the project they agreed to make it their Daily Deal and sell it one day early in the bargain.

So, today only you can snag all 31 tracks for the insanely low price of $2.99. And you needn’t even feel guilty, as when you do so, the charities earn even more than that.

As of 7:30 AM California time, the album is #11 overall at Amazon. Let’s push it into the top 10, folks…

cover I spent a good part of the summer helping my friends from Air Traffic Control pull together the Sandinista of benefit albums: Dear New Orleans features over 30 tracks from a wide array of indie, country, hip-hop, jazz and r&b artists, all doing songs dedicated to (and in some cases specifically about) one of our country’s most precious and musical cities.

The album’s being released to mark the 5th anniversary of the flooding caused by the breaking of the levees after Katrina hit, and proceeds will go to the community organizations still helping to rebuild the city and preserve the wider Gulf area.

I’m biased, of course, but I think the album rocks pretty hard. The full line-up will be announced next week, but for now I can tell you that A) it includes several of my personal heroes, B) all the participating artists are alumni of the artist-activism retreats ATC and the Future of Music Coalition have been hosting in New Orleans for the last few years and which I blogged about last March, C) it comes with a booklet featuring artwork by the Mekons’ Jon Langford and some liner notes by yours truly, and D) Wonderlick has a new track on the album.

That track is a new version of “The American Way,” complete with a brass band — multiple trombone parts were arranged by Mark Mullins from NOLA’s own Bonerama, and the Bonerama horns recorded their parts in New Orleans just a couple weeks ago.

More details will be coming over the next week, including news about how to snag the triple album for the price of a 7″ single (really) the day before it comes out.

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