New Song (& T-Shirt Sale)

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To celebrate the holidays, Wonderlick has a new song for you, plus some bargain prices on all our T-Shirts.

The song is called “Super Friends,” and is a true-ish story about a holiday that only comes once in your life: the last day of high-school. It takes place, as Tim and Jay’s last day of high-school did, at Rye Playland, where our heroes eat some mushrooms, ride the Dragon Coaster, and discover they have super powers. This all really happened, though not necessarily on the same day, and we’ve inserted Wonderlick fan Alex Poehlman into the scene since he won the contest where we promised just that earlier this year.

The song features the Bonerama horns, as arranged by mighty Mark Mullins, and some guest vocals by Gretchen Giselle. Matt Lucich is playing drums and Jonathan Zuniga’s on bass.

And, like any respectable merchant, we are  encouraging holiday shoppers to buy things they didn’t know they wanted by dropping the price for all our T-Shirts to just $5.00 through Christmas. You can get your bargain duds here.

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