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Free Download: Never Let You Go

Our Lick Everybody campaign is now in its eighth week. And to encourage folks to share these free downloads with as many people as they’d like, the download now gets delivered to you after you share the song on Facebook. This week’s tune is “Never Let You Go,” from Wonderlick’s self-titled debut. Dig Tim’s high […]

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Free Download Three

This week’s free download is “Black Box,” from Wonderlick’s self-titled debut: Download “Black Box” Free! These free downloads are all part of our Lick Everybody campaign, so click the word SHARE in the player above and send it on to as many people as you’d like. Whoever shares Wonderlick tunes with the most people this […]

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Lick Everybody

Free Download: “Donner Lake” We’re going to try an experiment this year we’re calling Lick Everybody. Here’s how it’s gonna work: Wonderlick will give away one free song every week in 2010 Fans will help us spread these songs far and wide, emailing them to friends, posting them on Facebook pages and personal blogs, tweeting […]

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A long Wonderlick interview just went live on a site called KittySneezes. We conducted it over email with the very gracious Reverend Syung Myung Me. We’ve put a link on the Press page, or you can go straight to it by clicking here.

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