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Fans Dance

Figured folks might like to see some of the videos we’ve gotten of people dancing to “This Song is a Commercial.” Here’s Monica, with a self-described “interpretative dance entry”: These kids were a little too young to enter the contest officially, but their dad still wanted to share. There’s some pretty cool stunt photography 50 […]

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Contest: Show Us Your Moves

To promote the video for “This Song is a Commercial,” the label’s put together a contest. Basically, you send in video of yourself dancing to our song, and you get entered to win a portable MP3 player plus a year’s subscription to Rhapsody (we’ll probably load the player up with Wonderlick’s collected works, as well). […]

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Video Premiere

Behold, the video for “This Song is a Commercial” It premiered as AOL Music’s Video of the Day today. Please use the share button in the player above to spread it around. Many thanks to Director Alexa Inkeles and Producer Lauren Tabak, as well as the very accommodating cast and crew — full credits after […]

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Someone Else’s Video

Why do I love this new Rancid video so much? “Last One To Die” video Operation Ivy’s one album was brilliant — clearly inspired by the Clash, but somehow still it’s own thing. Rancid records, on the other hand, never gave me that same feeling of building something new and glorious on top of hallowed […]

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Video Shoot

I like watching music videos, but I hate being in them. Miming is evil. Jay’s a little more of a ham than I am, but neither of us feel compelled to spend an inordinate amount of time in our own video. So a bunch of gracious volunteers will be sitting on this couch today, making […]

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