Monthly Archive for February, 2010

The First Lick Everybody Winner

Congratulations to Alex Poehlman, who won January’s prize in our Lick Everybody contest. Alex shared January’s free song widgets on Facebook and MySpace, and also emailed them to over three dozen folks. So, he will appear in one of the next Lick tunes we record. Anyone have a rhyme for Poehlman? Does “out of control […]

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Free Download: Never Let You Go

Our Lick Everybody campaign is now in its eighth week. And to encourage folks to share these free downloads with as many people as they’d like, the download now gets delivered to you after you share the song on Facebook. This week’s tune is “Never Let You Go,” from Wonderlick’s self-titled debut. Dig Tim’s high […]

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Lo: Another Free Download

This week’s free download is “Everybody Loves Jenny (Except Jenny)” from our second LP, Topless at the Arco Arena. It’s about the heroine of Topless, an office worker who yanks off her shirt at an AC/DC concert. It also represents Wonderlick in its “Let’s write a super catchy three minute pop song” mode. When we […]

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First Free Download of February

Free Download! We said we’d give away a free download every week in 2010, and we are honoring our resolution. This week, it’s a cut called “Your Majesty” from our second LP, Topless at the Arco Arena. This one indulges one of our favorite studio games: going ape-shit at the end. I can’t even remember […]

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