winner-themeCongratulations to Alex Poehlman, who won January’s prize in our Lick Everybody contest.

Alex shared January’s free song widgets on Facebook and MySpace, and also emailed them to over three dozen folks.

So, he will appear in one of the next Lick tunes we record. Anyone have a rhyme for Poehlman? Does “out of control fan” work?

Some info about Alex: he’s an award winning promotions writer, producer, and editor at the local ABC news station in Grand Rapids (WZZM 13).  He’s married and has a 2 1/2 year old son Maximilian, named after the red robot from the film The Black Hole.  In his spare time he works on an animated sketch comedy show titled This Is Futile.

Many thanks to Alex. Please have some more kids, though, as we need more fans like you. That goes for everyone reading this: please spawn.

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