Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Free Download: Devil Horns

Download Devil Horns Free Since I spent last week in Austin for the mega-fest that is SXSW, it seemed appropriate to make “Devil Horns” this week’s free download, as it’s all about the transcendent, demonic power of live rock and roll. This was one of the first songs written for Topless at the Arco Arena, […]

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I Disappear

This week’s free download is the first song Wonderlick ever recorded (and also, we think, the first mp3 we ever gave away, way back in 2001, on the late, lamented It’s called “I Disappear.” Download “I Disappear” Free It’s a pretty song, but a sad one, and remains one of my favorite Lick tunes. […]

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Wonderlick Wants To Love You

The free download craziness continues. We said one a week, which means we’ll have to write and record and release some new ones before the year is up. But this week we’re giving away a song from our debut: “I Wanna Love You.” Free Download! While the song was written as a confession (the singer […]

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Free Fear For Facebook Fans

We let Alex Poehlman, the winner of our Lick Everybody contest, select this week’s free download (which we’ll be giving away on Mondays for the rest of the year). He chose “Fear of Chicago,” a tune from the last album that’s about how we almost ran over George Wendt, the dude who played Norm on […]

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