I Disappear

This week’s free download is the first song Wonderlick ever recorded (and also, we think, the first mp3 we ever gave away, way back in 2001, on the late, lamented sayhername.com). It’s called “I Disappear.”

Download “I Disappear” Free

It’s a pretty song, but a sad one, and remains one of my favorite Lick tunes. Though the lyrics weren’t intentionally written this way,  I realized during one of the uncountable playbacks while mixing that in each of the three verses the narrator is motionless when he wants to be getting somewhere. First he’s stuck in line at the DMV, then he’s stuck in traffic, and finally he’s in his garage and can’t bring himself to get out of his car, even though the garage door has closed and the engine’s still running.

Uh oh!


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