Video Premiere

Behold, the video for “This Song is a Commercial”

It premiered as AOL Music’s Video of the Day today. Please use the share button in the player above to spread it around.

Many thanks to Director Alexa Inkeles and Producer Lauren Tabak, as well as the very accommodating cast and crew — full credits after the jump.

  • The video is a Hi-Fi D.I.Y./Safadista production.
  • Jenna Donatelli and Sarah Kliban did the casting.
  • Olivia Parriot was Production Assistant and 1st AC.
  • Viola Keeton was Production Assistant.
  • Susie Smith was P2 Tech and Assistant Editor.

Osculators (look it up) included, but were not limited to:

2 Responses to “Video Premiere”

  1. Sean says:

    Intriguing premise. My fave sequence has to be when the post-emo hipster, through the use of seamless digital wizardry, almost kisses a sullen Tim and a jaded Jay. It’s narrowly trumps the free-of-irony embrace between said Rockers at video’s end. Well done, boys (and creative team)!

  2. Jeff says:

    Awesome song and video. No love interest for the poodle? Or is there??? 😉 I’ve been a huge fan since Son of Sam I am, and haven’t stopped listenening since. Can’t wait for the new album. Thanks guys!!!

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