Another Interview

An interview I did with a site that analyzes the creative process called Pen’s Eye View just went live. It’s on their home page now, but here’s the permanent link:

We’ll get it up on the Press page later today. Looks like I’m already repeating lines between interviews — a bad habit I try to avoid, but I’m out of practice.

In other news, Abby tells me she’s pleased with video, but won’t show it to any of her friends, “because there’s a vibrator in it.” I was laughing about that with video’s producer, Lauren Tabak, who was equally mystified. “Really?” she said. “It’s not the hardcore pornstar? The heaps of gay? Dad?”

If you haven’t seen the video yet, it awaits you below.

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    Your daughter had better questions for Andy Samberg. Maybe she could interview you next?

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