Video Shoot


I like watching music videos, but I hate being in them. Miming is evil.

Jay’s a little more of a ham than I am, but neither of us feel compelled to spend an inordinate amount of time in our own video. So a bunch of gracious volunteers will be sitting on this couch today, making out to the strains of “This Song is a Commercial” (the chorus, after all, goes, “Gimme a kiss!”).

The original laptop that was going to capture the footage crapped out; and I banged my head on a low ceiling, opening up a nice little gash; and the first couple didn’t show — nice to know that nothing ever really changes, as this has pretty much been the story on every video we’ve ever shot.

This is Lauren Tabak and Alexa Inkeles, producers extraordinaire:


Their production company is called Hi-Fi DIY, which is basically Wonderlick’s aesthetic, so it’s a perfect match.

More shots from the set after the jump.

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