Webcast Aftermath

So last night was our first experiment with webcasting. Wine Time with Wonderlick, in which Jay and I spent a little over a half hour drinking a fine bottle of Bordeaux, giving each other shit, and responding to comments typed in by viewers, was kinda fun and kinda embarrassing. The high point was probably when a deathbot like the one to the left did an extended dance to “Fuck Yeah!”, a track from Topless that got its world premiere during the episode.

If Stickam’s statistics are to be believed (and our friends at the label who set this webcast up in the first place insist they are), a total of 8,514 people tuned in, though most of those had no clue who we were and just joined because the episode was featured on Stickam’s homepage, then promptly left when they saw how ridiculous it was. Looks like we kept between 500 and 600 people engaged enough to stick with it till we got to the literal and metaphorical dregs.

Which, if we were on tour, we’d consider a pretty successful gig night. But I don’t know what it means in this particular context, or whether we should do one of these again.

It was fun watching some of the people who’d tuned in staring into their own webcams, and heartening to see that they had opened their own bottles of wine, and would raise ther glasses when we did.

If you watched, let us know if it’s worth trying again, or if it was just, you know, stupid.


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  1. jimmy b says:

    a tour would be ideal, but perhaps consider playing some live songs in this format if national dates are not possible.. us fans would be ecstatic.

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