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Lick Everybody

Free Download: “Donner Lake” We’re going to try an experiment this year we’re calling Lick Everybody. Here’s how it’s gonna work: Wonderlick will give away one free song every week in 2010 Fans will help us spread these songs far and wide, emailing them to friends, posting them on Facebook pages and personal blogs, tweeting […]

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The Third Album Begins

Wonderlick has begun its next LP, and, as is our custom, we will be posting free rough mixes of new tunes (and new mixes of existing ones) as they’re ready. Here are the first four songs we’ve finished. Well, finished isn’t the right word, but you know what we mean: Click For Free Download! Unlike […]

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Live Lick Download

Well, we couldn’t work out those live dates after all. But if the five-piece Wonderlick can’t come to your town, it can at least come to your computer. Four tunes the band recorded live are now available to download, for free.  Consider it an early Christmas present from Tim, or an early Chanukah present from […]

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Music from Different Fur

Those tracks we recorded for Dennis the Menace’s radio show are now available via this little widget. Take a listen to “One of the Good Guys,” “I Am a Scientist,” and live versions of 2 from Topless. We’re investigating ways to make them available for download, but for now, stream away.

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Double Encore E.P.

Up till now, the Double Encore E.P. was just a bonus we stuck in the envelopes of supporters who were particularly generous during the pre-order campaign. But starting today we’re letting it stand on its own — you can hear the whole thing for free in its entirety right here, or on the Music page, […]

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Fans Dance

Figured folks might like to see some of the videos we’ve gotten of people dancing to “This Song is a Commercial.” Here’s Monica, with a self-described “interpretative dance entry”: These kids were a little too young to enter the contest officially, but their dad still wanted to share. There’s some pretty cool stunt photography 50 […]

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Topless at the Arco Arena: Here It Is

Here’s the album, in its entirety. We’re offering a free MP3 of “This Song is a Commercial,” as well. By all means, hit the word “share” and send it to friends…

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When She Took Off Her Shirt

Over the next week or so we’ll be tricking out the Music and Buy Things pages with a bunch of widgets from our buddies at Topspin, so as a combination test/preview, we figured we’d get things started with a sneak peek at the lead track from Topless at the Arco Arena. Take a listen: Lots […]

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Looks like “This Song is a Commercial” will be the first single (to the extent that means anything) from the record. Alternative Addiction is offering a free download of the tune.

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