This Week’s Free Download

As promised, we’re giving away a different song each week, and giving prizes to whomever shares them with the most people. This week’s tune is “You First.”

It’s all part of our “Lick Everybody” campaign. More details on it here. The short version is that we would like you to spread the little player below around:

It’s easy: just click the word “Share” above to post it on Facebook or MySpace, or to email it or Twitter it. This month’s prize: Wonderlick will write you into one of the songs we’re recording for album number three, which is tentatively titled Super, and revolves around superheroes. You can even choose if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy.

Interesting tidbit about this week’s song: the first couple lines are 100% true. The first day I met my wife Donna, I good-naturedly gave her the finger. Equally endearing, though not in the song, the first time she said she loved me, she didn’t say it to me, but to a bum who’d wandered into the 500 Club, where we were playing pool. He asked her if I was her boyfriend as I was lining up a shot. She said yes. He asked if she loved me. She said yes.

I missed my shot.

We had a drunken argument about it on the way home. “I can’t believe you told a bum you loved me before you told me,” I said. She pointed out that I’d said it to her the night before, then promptly passed out, which I didn’t recall, but which sounds like me at the time.

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    This is brilliant.

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