The Third Album Begins

Wonderlick has begun its next LP, and, as is our custom, we will be posting free rough mixes of new tunes (and new mixes of existing ones) as they’re ready. Here are the first four songs we’ve finished. Well, finished isn’t the right word, but you know what we mean:

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Unlike the last two albums, we’re recording this one with an actual band. So, in addition to Jay and Tim, the first three songs above feature the following:

Johannes Luley recorded and mixed ’em, and also played some piano on “Little Sweet Things.” Jay and Tim did everything else. The band tracks were laid down at Studio SQ in San Francisco; additional fiddling (the metaphorical kind, not the amazing Jean Cook kind) happened at My Sonic Temple in L.A.

If you like what you hear and want to contribute to the recordings, donations are always gratefully accepted, though entirely optional. At this stage of the process, donations tend to get spent on better quality wine. “Easy” and “Cold Patch,” for instance, were fueled by two nice bottles of BV Dulcet.

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  1. Tart says:

    Cold Patch is really lovely… thanks so much for sharing your progress on this! oxox

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