Nobody Loves You Enough

One rule about album-making I’ve learned over the years is that the song you most want on a record is often the one you should probably cut.

So when we were trying to figure out which of the two dozen songs we’d recorded for Topless at the Arco Arena should go on the record and which should be left off, I nobly sacrificed my personal favorite, “Nobody Loves You Enough.”

This one finds Jenny, Topless‘s heroine, listening to her favorite band in her headphones while she does the dishes and feels lonely, even though her stoned boyfriend is passed out right there on the couch.

The cello part kills me. I can’t remember what the hell made that boinging sound that kicks off the tune.

Anyway, we’ve kind of fallen off the free-download-a-week schedule recently. Sorry about that. But this one is yours for the taking — just click the button below.

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