Free Download!

This is the last free download for January, which means it’s your last chance to win immortalization in a Wonderlick song by sharing it far and wide.

We figured we’d end the month by posting a new tune. This is the latest version of “Cold Patch,” featuring some purty harmonies by Robin Hathaway.

It’s also got a lovely violin part by Jean Cook, who described her bit after the fact as “emotional.” When I smiled at the term she said, “Well, a producer told me years ago never to say ‘cheesy.'”

Hopefully you know the Lick Everybody drill by now, but if you need more details about the promotion, just click here. Whomever spreads these free tunes around the most by clicking the word “share” above and exposing the rest of the world to the glory of Wonderlick gets sung about on our next record.

We’ll tally all the figures and announce January’s winner no later than 2/15.

album 3 ruff cover

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