Fans Speak, Lick Listens

We were getting some complaints over on Facebook about some of the rough mixes that didn’t make the album cut. So we asked for more input, and the consensus seemed to be that two tracks in particular belonged on the record: “Everybody Loves Jenny (Except Jenny)” and “The CEO Considers His Holdings.”

We didn’t need much convincing. So now the album has 16 tracks, which is kinda long, but hey, it’s a weighty concept, right?

Full sequence after the jump.

1 When She Took Off Her Shirt
2 All Boys Want
3 We Run the World
4 The King of Bad Decisions
5 Fear of Chicago
6 Everybody Loves Jenny (Except Jenny)
7 You First
8 The Case Against Tattoos
9 This Song is a Commercial
10 Fuck Yeah!
11 Janie Jones
12 The C.E.O. Considers His Holdings
13 A Different Kind of Love
14 Your Majesty
15 The Possibilities
16 Devil Horns

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