Someone Else’s Video

Why do I love this new Rancid video so much?

“Last One To Die” video

Operation Ivy’s one album was brilliant — clearly inspired by the Clash, but somehow still it’s own thing. Rancid records, on the other hand, never gave me that same feeling of building something new and glorious on top of hallowed ground. They were catchy enough that I dutifully obtained most of them, and ripped them into my portable mp3 player, but I never genuinely loved them as albums.

And yet, when a Rancid song crops up on shuffle play in between the 18,000 other tunes it’s competing with on said device, I usually find myself happily surprised. So when I got a tweet from @Punknews pointing me to this video earlier today, I clicked through, somewhat eager but, as usual, not expecting a whole lot.

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot here. But I have been watching it incessantly all day (to the point where I’m now getting more excited every time I recognize some East Bay “landmark,” like Golden Gate Fields, where Donna and I won $65 after she talked me into taking a day off work just to fuck around).

There’s something big hiding inside small pleasures like that.

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